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MT GEAR: Gear Inspection


MT GEAR is a module completely integrated inside of Metrolog XG which allows the measurement of gears according to the current norms. Due to its novel approach, all of the technical characteristics become easy to inspect: step errors, profile errors, helix errors… Furthermore, the integration inside of the Metrolog XG environment gives access to all the other XG functions, for example, constructions, geometrical tolerancing, alignments, best-fitting, inspection reports…

Principle Functions
  • Choice of type of gear and 3-D graphic representations.
  • Validates dimension validation and simultaneously verifies its coherence.
  • Works with scanning or touch trigger probes, therefore it can adapt to any 3D machine.
  • Automatic measurement strategies for evaluating step, profile and helix errors.
  • Results conform to ISO and AGMA norms.

Inspection Reports

MT GEAR contains its own integrated report editor based on present standards. In addition to the editor’s unique functions, the standard Metrolog XG functions can be used to further elaborate on the inspection by obtaining all the other necessary results using functions such as Geometrical tolerancing, alignment optimization, section definition,….

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