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MT Blade™: Blade Inspection

Accuracy and quality in the blades measurement and analysis

Metrologic MT Blade™ simplifies the blades measurement job. This module is compatible with all touch probes, or optical measuring, adapts to any 3D machine. It was developed in partnership with blades manufacturers and is a turnkey solution for analog scanning of blade sections. Metrologic MT Blade™ has a easy access user interface, with which users can quickly select the sections and launch scanning sequences. Simply enter a new set of parameters to configure the analysis of a new type of blade. MMT or other means of measurement does not require special programming. The blade measures uses techniques based on the sections analysis to obtain fast, precise and flexible results.


Metrologic MT Blade™ provides targeted data such as Total length, thicknesses at the leading and trailing edge, Mean line, Chord line and other measures ready for analysis. In addition, its integration into the Metrolog XG environment allows it to benefit all other possibilities of alignment, optimization, construction and geometric tolerancing, allowing the end to generate clear and explicit graphical reports.

Metrologic MT Blade™ folds calculation methods preferred by manufacturers. The manufacturers of blades stem from different ways to determine the part characteristics. To reflect this diversity, Metrologic Group has integrated in the Metrologic MT Blade™ module various algorithms that support these different valuation methods. Using a wide range of alignment methods, such as, in addition to the conventional method of fixing the root of iterative alignments using 3D CAD surface models or 6 points of support, allows make high precision blades measurements.

Calculated characteristics:

  • Mean line Leading edge (point and circle)
  • Trailing edge (point and circle)
  • Max thickness
  • Min circumscribed diameter
  • Thicknesses from leading edge
  • Thicknesses from trailing edge
  • Chord line
  • Total length
  • Stacking (point and angular deviation)
  • Stacking line
The measured data are directly usable with the report editor integrated in Metrolog XG.
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